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How do I become a sponsor?
You can register on the website.  Registration will be open if there are orphans in need of a sponsor. Currently, orphan sponsor checks are to be mailed to the address listed below.

How can I write to my student as a their sponsor?
Once you become a sponsor you will be given an email address for correspondence.  The letters will be translated as needed by our correspondence manager who will facilitate your correspondence.  You may also send letters to our mailing address to be forwarded to Honduras.

Why do students in Honduras have a financial need?
Honduras is a developing country and is considered to be the second most impoverished country in the western hemisphere. Many students have unmet basic needs.  There are not enough schools in the country to address the needs of the students and the schools are often understaffed and underfunded.

Why does H.O.M.E. send the underprivileged students to a private school rather than a public school?
Many public schools in Honduras are over crowded do to a lack of public educational institutions. Students often spend more time out of schools than in school because teachers in the public school system often go on strike.  The private schools we send our students to have a high quality curriculum that will prepare students for a better future.

If the underprivileged students are sponsored why is it necessary to have separate projects funded for their needs?
Sponsorship covers the cost of a child to attend school, their uniform and school supplies.  H.O.M.E. also seeks to further their education and thirst for knowledge by supplying books for their libraries and access to the Internet to further their studies when needed.  The students that H.O.M.E. supports have a place of residence but there are often times of financial hardship for shelter, food and travel expenses.  During such times covering the cost of some basic needs can be difficult.  H.O.M.E. seeks to aid students through such time so the progress of the children remains unhindered.

Some of the children H.O.M.E. supports are orphans, how are children placed in orphanages in Honduras?
Some parent give up guardianship of their children because they cannot afford to care for their child’s basic needs.  IHNFA is a Honduras government organization that is very similar to child social services in the U.S.  They place children in orphanages that have suffered from abuse; neglect or their parents are deceased.  For more detailed information on how children are placed in orphanages through IHNFA click this link. http://www.ihnfa.hn/

Why are these children orphans?
Children are orphaned in Honduras for the same reasons they are orphaned in the United States.  They could have been neglected, abused, their parents may not have the financial means to care for them or their parents have passed away.

What can I send to the child I sponsor?
We ask that sponsors only send letters, cards and photos of you and your family.  We prohibit gifts of cash to the students because it creates an unhealthy atmosphere of jealousy among the supported children, which we do not want to create. 

What is the financial transparency of H.O.M.E.?
H.O.M.E. is run through volunteers.  Currently there are no paid employees.  All money from orphan sponsorship goes directly to the orphan.  Any administrative costs are paid for through separate fundraising. Currently, no more than 10% of the money raised by the organization goes toward administrative costs.