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I first learned about Honduras when my older sister went with the church.  I really wanted to go also but wasn’t old enough so I had to wait.  I was really excited when I finally was old enough to go, but also nervous.  I had taken two years of Spanish at my school, but was definitely far from being good at it so I didn’t really know what to expect when speaking to the Hondurans.  As soon as I got there I realized that the language difference didn’t really matter.  You could communicate just by smiling, playing, and just interacting with them. Throughout our time at the orphanage, I think our whole group did a lot of all those things, even while we were painting and tiling the pool; we all got to know each other.  I learned that happiness doesn’t have to come from having a lot of material things; it can come from having friends around you and seeing someone else with a smile on their face.  I feel so blessed to have had the experience of going to Honduras and getting to know all the boys at the orphanage.